FICCI is a designated National Level Assessor of Skills under the DGE&T, Government of India on SDI-MES Programme. The assessment of candidates is done by professionally trained / experienced persons in relevant trades, on the date and time mutually convenient to both assessor & candidates. Generally, the test centre is at the location, where the candidates have undergone the training to make the process ‘trainee friendly’ and reduce the cost.

FICCI Assessment Process

The assessment involves the following steps:

A. Time Frame-work

  • The VTP informs FICCI about the upcoming assessment at least 15 days before completion of the course along with the candidates list.
  • FICCI conducts the assessment within 7 days from the date of receipt of request.
  • FICCI sends the result within 3 days after the assessment to the concerned RDAT for its announcement.

B. Procedure for conducting the Assessment

  • A request letter for assessment along with the list of candidates is sent by the VTP to FICCI, requesting to fix the date of the assessment.
  • VTP collects the assessment fees from all the candidates and prepare a single Demand Draft favouring ‘FICCI’ payable at New Delhi and send it along with the application forms of the candidates.
  • FICCI then critically examine the application forms especially in view of the minimum educational qualification related to the module and age.
  • The assessment date is fixed up in consultation with the VTP and the assessment test is held accordingly.
  • During the assessment, the name & number of candidates being assessed is tallied with the application forms or list as per the assessment fees deposited.
  • After completion of the assessment, a certificate from the Officer Incharge at the VTP is taken by the assessor about its successful completion in the format enclosed (Annexure-IV).
  • The assessor evaluates the students from two perspectives: Practical knowledge & Theoretical Knowledge. The minimum passing marks is 40% in theory & 60% in practical. (This is as per NCVT norms).
  • The result is sent to the concerned RDAT within 3 days from the date of conduct of assessment.
  • The RDAT declares the result & sends a copy each to the VTP and to FICCI for record purpose, etc.
  • The reimbursement of fees and NCVT Certificates of successful candidates is sent by the concerned RDATs to the VTPs. For candidates who have appeared directly, the certificate is sent to FICCI for its distribution.

C. Assessment Related Information

  • The assessment fee is Rs. 500 - Rs. 800 per trainee depending upon the nature of the module (engineering/non-engineering module). This fee has been decided by DGE&T and has been approved by Govt. of India.
  • The minimum age for any MES-course is 14 years with no upper limit.
  • A student cannot be permitted to appear in an assessment of a higher module without having cleared the concerned module of lower level. In case the individual has appeared in the higher-level module, his result will be withheld till he clears the module of the lower level.
  • In case the assessment is to be done for the module of the higher level, it is to be ensured by the VTP, that the individual has passed the module of lower level as well.
  • In case, at the time of assessment there are more candidates than the fee initially deposited, the balance money is to be paid by the VTP to the assessor.
  • The assessment fee once paid is neither refundable nor can it be adjusted against other candidates.
  • Question papers are generally made in the local language & in modules where the entry qualification is Vth class; oral examination may be taken for theory paper to make the candidates comfortable during assessment.
  • The practical exercises for the basic module are mostly related to the students knowledge of the basic tools - their identification & application. They are also asked to perform basic exercises related to the module.
  • Special emphasis is given on safety aspects related to the module.
  • For modules of higher levels, exercises with higher difficulty level are given & the individuals are assessed on the Skill related to module.
  • Sufficient time is allotted to the candidates to complete the theory & practical paper. In case some extra time is required, a maximum of 15 minutes, may be given to them to complete their papers.
  • The cost of raw material & of the examiner is borne by the assessor. In case raw material is provided by the VTP, they are reimbursed on actual, subject to a maximum of 10 % of the assessment fee.

Global Skills Summit 2010

Global Skills Summit 2010

The FICCI Global Skills Summit 2010 will be held on August 19th and 20th. The agenda and brochure will be posted here shortly.

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